How to Respond to Evangelical Christians

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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The excerpt below was posted to one of the groups I read as a possible response to evangelical Christians who aggressively put down others’ beliefs.  I think it’s worthy of discussion, particularly as we (followers of Hellenismos) begin to gain more visibility in the public eye: Continue reading

The Ethics of Delphi, Solon, & Pythagoras Compared

This discussion continues from On Ethics, Defense, and Spirituality

I was asked in a comment what I think of the Delphic Maxims in comparison with Solon’s “Commandments” or the Golden Sayings of Pythagoras.

The Delphic Maxims are wide and varied, but share aspects with Solon’s Commandments and the Golden Sayings of Pythagoras. Here are some things they share in common… Continue reading

On the Ethics of Defense

In Hellenic Polytheist Reconstructionism, one follows the Delphic Maxims, which include:

Help your friends ( Φιλοις βοηθει )
Guard friendship ( Φιλιαν φυλαττε )
Watch out for your enemies ( Εχθρους αμυνου )

With the above three joined, that means: Treat your friends as friends and treat your enemies as enemies. If you don’t defend your friends against your enemies and theirs, then you have compromised your ethics.

Detail from Archaeological Site of Delphi, Greece

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Despise evil ( Κακιαν μισει )
Pursue honor ( Δοξαν διωκε )
Guard what is yours ( Ιδια φυλαττε )
Despise insolence ( Υβριν μισει )
Die for your country ( Θνησκε υπερ πατριδος )

However, violence is restrained by:
Shun murder ( Φονου απεχου )
Control yourself ( Αρχε σεαυτου )
Be overcome by justice ( Ηττω υπο δικαιου )
Gain possessions justly ( Δικαιως κτω )
Venture into danger prudently ( Κινδυνευε φρονιμως )
Control anger ( Θυμου κρατει )
Be jealous of no one ( Φθονει μηδενι )

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Discussion of this topic continues in Ethics: Delphi, Solon, and Pythagoras – Discuss!