More On Our Relationship with the Theoi (Gods)

As an insightful member of my demos said:

We are like cats to the gods. Sometimes they euthanize us, sometimes they just pick us up and move us to the next room. If you think a god is likely to do the former, try to escape the apartment and find one that will pet you and feed you the good food. If you pee on their furniture, they will get angry. Don’t assume you know what their furniture looks like. If you find one that really tries to understand things from your limited point of view and helps you be generally happy in this life, love them with all your heart.

The cat without a name

Image via Wikipedia

I’d also add, try to understand that when they are taking you to the vet, no matter how unpleasant and scary it is at the time, it is (usually) for your own good.

When the gods touch my life, I’m sometimes not sure if it will help me or hurt me. Just like when I pick eye-bookers from my cats’ eyes; they shy away a little bit but trust me enough to pick at their eyes and don’t run away. They don’t understand why I am doing it or that it’s to their benefit, let alone when I take them to the vet, but they trust that I’m not trying to hurt them. It should be the same way with one’s patron god(s).



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