Hunger and Poverty

Have you thought of giving to charity as an offering in the name of Zeus Sôtêr “the Savior” and Epidôtês “Giver of Good”?*

You can do it remotely from the computer, and without spending anything!

I’ve added the option to my sidebar for folks visiting Helleneste kai Grammateus to donate to charity.  How?  By clicking on the icon for Hunger and Poverty, the sponsor(s) will donate towards this charity, and feed the impoverished.  The sponsors will change, but the cause was my choice:  Hunger and Poverty.  My goal is to raise 400 points.

You may be asked to participate in an “event”.  The one I just did rated an advertisement video by PowerBar (fitting, hu?).  When I spent my time on this, I earned points for the charity, which works to feed those who need it most.

Consider a donation of your time to the charity as an offering.  Say a prayer to Zeus,the Savior and Giver of Good when you do so! : )

*  SOTER (Sôtêr), i. e. “the Saviour” (Lat. Servator or Sospes), occurs as the surname of several divinities:– 1. of Zeus in Argos (Paus. ii. 20. § 5), at Troezene (ii. 31. § 14), in Laconia (iii. 23. § 6), at Messene (iv. 31. § 5), at Mantineia (viii. 9. § l), at Megalopolis (viii. 30. § 5; comp. Aristoph. Ran. 1433 ; Plin. H. N. xxxiv. 8). The sacrifices offered to him were called sôtêria. (Plut. Arat. 53.) 2. Of Helios (Paus. viii. 31. § 4), and 3. of Bacchus. (Lycoph. 206.)


6 comments on “Hunger and Poverty

  1. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts on dedicating charity to a chosen deity! Please rate this post if you like it (or don’t like it) too. That way, I’ll know what sort of posts people like to see.

    I’ve added your blog to my blogroll! ——————————>

    I think what you’re doing is important too. Too many people forget or (worse!) shun the dead, especially when the war was unpopular. But it is critical to follow the maxims:
    Honor good men (Αγαθους τιμα)
    Do not wrong the dead (Φθιμενους μη αδικει)
    especially when they are honorable and virtuous:
    Die for your country (Θνησκε υπερ πατριδος)

    I think we are in agreement. Not only is it honorable to help those who need help (Share the load of the unfortunate [Ατυχουντι συναχθου]) but it honors the gods when we do so. A good deed and time spent virtuously in the name of a god is as much an offering as food or sponde. That is orthopraxy, good practice.

    And yes, I think Athena would be an excellent for dedication. I imagine Ares too? May They protect and lend strength to those who protect us, and comfort their families!

  2. Labrys says:

    What a nice idea! I give to several chosen charities on a monthly basis, and to others on a quarterly or yearly basis. But it had not occurred to me to dedicate them to my deities—perhaps my monthly gift to Fisher House or another military related charity SHOULD be dedicated to Athena, for instance?

    Thank you for the brain spurring!

  3. Labrys says:

    Thank you for blog-rolling me. I do think this is a good post…and good practice should be emphasized….in all and any form.

    I fear I cannot bring myself to dedicate much of anything to Ares—he strikes me as enjoying war whether it is necessary or not.

    • I am hesitant about Him too for the same reason. Although, He treats woman honorably (from what I’ve read), so I give Him credit for that. This leaves me with mixed feelings.

      I’m disinclined to pass on my reservations to others so that others can be open to their own gnosis, so I mentioned Him as an option incase you had a more clear relationship with Him than I do.

      Either way, I agree that Athena is an excellent choice!

  4. Kaye says:

    Thanks for this! My blog has a SocialVibe box for clean water in third-world countries — I have mentioned it a few times, but I just gave a general appeal to charity, not a specific one … hm …


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