Hi. My Name is Alexandra, and I’m a Perfectionist.

We all have times when we are overwhelmed. I know I’ve been swallowed up by many events and issues lately not related to my religion at all, and I’ve had a hard time since Thanksgiving keeping up with just those.

Religion? Well…I got half-way through my first full house-cleansing for Hekate’s Deipnon, and I became too exhausted and swept up with the civic holidays to make an offering to Her, Hestia, or even make a Kathiskos as I’d planned. I’d also planned on posting a “how to” on this blog for how to pull off Hekate’s Deipnon and Noumenia. Well, ‘The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men’…

Let’s just say I have some perfectionist tendencies and it can be hard to accept that I can’t do and control everything.

My mom said something like this when she and my dad performed my wedding ceremony, and I think it rings true on a personal level as well as on the level of marriage (the context she’d explained this in): when riding in an airplane and encountering turbulence, you’re told to place the oxygen mask on yourself before attending to others. That’s because you’ll be better equipped to help them if you have what you need. It’s the same thing in life – when you run into turbulence, take care of yourself before you take care of the people around you.

So this is my goal, call it a New Year’s Resolution: Honor your household gods, tend the hestia and ktesios jar, and take care of myself. Then tend to the rest.



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