Err…This Is Unexpected

Ever since I posted Why Pagans Aren’t Taken Seriously I’ve received a number of search engine hits for all things regarding to pagan symbols. This is because I included an image-link in that article to stones painted with various pagan symbols to represent different paths. The steady trend has prompted me to write an article on just that (pagan symbols) because I’m pretty convinced folks were detoured here while searching for something more specific on that subject.

Yet more surprising: I wrote one ritual outline for Mounukhia titled Honoring Artemis Potnia Theron Fosoros on Mounukhia and just yesterday there were 67 page views with 42 of those on the Mounukhia article and 39 search engine searches for the word “artemis” leading to this blog. This is the second busiest day Helleneste kai Grammateus has had…but I posted that article almost two weeks ago.


What happened? Is someone out there searching for Artemis over and over and over again; is there a group researching how to conduct a ritual in Her honor because an event is coming soon; or is this article referenced somewhere I am not aware of? Are you looking because you like what I’ve put out there and want more of it, or are you passing through on the way to somewhere else? Let me know, OK? 

Update: More Fun With Statistics

Sunday, May 16th

Search Terms Views My Comments
artemis 39 Ok, people are really serious about Artemis…
paganism 5 The most common all-time search engine term I have, check.
ancient greek calendar 2 I should post a link to Hellenion’s free Hellenic calendar…
honoring artemis 1 Someone is really really serious about Artemis…
sister symbols 1 I don’t really understand this one.
erromenon se hoi theoi diaphulattoien 1 Classical closing : “May the Gods guard your well-being” I linked to that page, and referenced it in an article.
potniatheron 1 An epithet of Artemis…someone is really really really serious about Artemis!

Second Update:

So, today was the busiest day of all time for Helleneste kai Grammateus with 30% more awesomeness!

I think I figured it out.  When I google “Artemis”, Helleneste kai Grammateus doesn’t show up on the first few pages of the web search, but the modern painting of Artemis I used to illustrate the post does show up on image search.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t my piece of art (this will be remedied)…

How did you find this blog?  What were you looking for?  Did you find it?


4 comments on “Err…This Is Unexpected

  1. executivepagan says:

    I get a LOT of hits from people searching for some combination of “Athena” and “hymn” – it fluctuates, but never fully stops – and this has been going on for almost three years.

    It makes me happy.

  2. annyikha says:

    Wow, someone must be serious about Artemis! This month, a lot of people are searching for hymns to Hera and Zeus and stumbling on my blog. Of course, one person somehow was directed to my blog when s/he typed in “kalliste porn.” :S

    (BTW, this is Kayleigh from KALLISTI. My WordPress name is Annyikha.)

    • Welcome back Kayleigh! I’m a big fan of your blog and it’s always a pleasure to read your comments.

      No kidding! There has been consistent traffic to Helleneste kai Grammateus through searches for Artemis ever since. The day after I posted this article, there were 47 related searches for Her. I think it’s partly due to the images included here. Which leads me to think that I should create and post artwork of the theoi – not only because it gets attention on searches, but also because it would honor the theoi that much more.

      It’s great to hear that there are a lot of searches for Hera and Zeus as well, and fun to compare notes. Maybe interest in the Olympians is increasing in general?

      On the subject of “kalliste porn” the only thing I can say is:


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