Hellenion’s Welcome Kit: Do You Want One Too?


A fountain pen of S. T. Dupont.

"Thanks!" in Portuguese via fountain pen in blue ink Image via Wikipedia


As Grammateus (Secretary) of Hellenion, a non-profit religious organization with 501(c)(3) status, I have many duties.  This includes, but isn’t limited to, processing new member applications.  That duty involves several tasks.  One of my predecessors started a tradition that has become my favorite task as Grammateus, and that is personalizing our welcome kit and sending it to new members.

I was delighted yesterday when I saw that my new friend, Jota, had posted pictures on Facebook of the arrival of his welcome kit and documented his excitement opening it.  This was especially grand considering that he resides in Brazil and is the brother to another member in Brazil.  I am kindling quiet anticipation of new demoi (congregations) emerging all over the globe.

With his permission, I have included his pictures and comments below to give all of you would-be-applicants an idea of what you can expect to receive when you first join.

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We all felt a sense of community sharing this experience – the sacred Hellenic act of exchange and gift-giving.

If you would like to join us in Hellenion, please click here to read about the steps to apply and download the form.  Feel free to contact me at grammateus(at)hellenion(dot)org for more information.

For non-members of Hellenion: Do you have any questions about Hellenion or how to join?  What would you like to see in your Welcome Kit?

For members of Hellenion: How did you like your Welcome Kit?  Does it help you feel more connected with Hellenion and other Hellenic Polytheists at large?  Does it motivate you to get involved in the community?  Feel welcome to comment below!


3 comments on “Hellenion’s Welcome Kit: Do You Want One Too?

  1. […] time to get the most out of your annual membership dues for new people looking to join Hellenion. Alexandra posted the photos some-one sent her of their membership packet, but really, helping the only […]

  2. Hi sweetheart,
    I’m so glad to see my pics in here to invite another members to join and i’m too happy of becoming one of Hellenion’s Member.

    So, about me being brother of another Brazilian member, it’s just in heartfellings and a strong friendship but no family ties and kin. Since we have the same last name, we like to say we’re brother and sister. It’s so cool to see another one seeing us as brothers, ’cause we really like one each other a lot.

    • I’ve already received at least two positive comments, and one application, from people who viewed this entry and saw your photos. All I can say is, you have a positive impact on the community.

      Ah, I wasn’t aware that you both weren’t kin, thank you for clarifying. But you are “close as kin” and that’s what matters. : D


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