About Helleneste kai Grammateus

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Helleneste kai Grammateus is the journal of a modern female Hellenic Polytheist scribe in the public service of aligning ancient Hellenic Polytheism with modern culture. This blog is an effort to document news, scholarly work, lessons learned, and personal gnosis (knowledge) of the gods of the Hellenes as well as the modern hellenic polytheist community.

The aim of this project is to honor the gods by cultivating and documenting meaningful practice of Hellenic Polytheism.

Disambiguation of Terms
Helleneste: female Hellenic (ancient Greek) polytheist*
kai: and**

  • A clerk or scribe.  In Athens, three were of higher rank described by Pollux.  One was appointed by the senate to keep public records, decrees of the people, and deliver decrees of the senate to the people.  The second was elected by the senate and entrusted with custody of the laws.  The third was appointed by the people to read the laws or documents which were to be read in the assembly or the senate.***
  • Hellenion is recognized as a “church” with 501(c)(3) status by the US Government. A requirement of recognition is the establishment and maintenance of three offices: President, Treasurer, and Secretary. These are the Epistates, Tamais, and Grammateus respectively. I began this blog as the Grammateus of Hellenion, and now maintain it as a simple scribe/blogger.****

Note: No one speaks for the entire community of Hellenic polytheists, including this author, nor is there a central religious body that dictates dogma, ritual, clergy, or membership requirements. Opinions may, and will, vary. Not everyone will agree with what is documented here, as it should be, and without cause for concern or ill will.

* Glossary of Thespiae
** Wikipedia
*** Based on the Dictonary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, pg 577
****For more information, see Hellenion’s Bylaws.


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