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Status: Questions are open.

The contact form is at the end of this page. Please read the instructions before submitting.

  1. I read and pre-screen questions and decide if they will make a good blog post. Not all of them will apply generally to a group of people, and some of them I may feel unqualified to answer, or just be unable to think up an article long enough to fill a blog post. In that case, I may give you a brief, private, answer or direct you to someone who knows the particular subject better than I do. And of course, if you don’t follow these instructions I may not answer you at all.
  2. I reserve the right to publish any questions you send to me.
  3. Before submitting, please do a search to see whether your question or something like it has been answered before.
  4. I may edit for content & length, but in most cases I don’t, so please proofread and cut it down to 500 words before you send. Readers report that the process of writing everything out can be enormously helpful in itself, and that may be a necessary step! But boil it down to the essentials before you hit send.
  5. As a rule I do not share people’s identities or email addresses, but this rule is suspended in the case of threatening or abusive content which may be shared with internet service providers and law enforcement.
  6. On the subject of anonymity, please change names of people in your story to protect their anonymity. I don’t want to know who they are!
  7. This is not a crisis hotline. You are important, and if you are having an immediate crisis, you deserve actual care and not the ruminations of some lady whenever she gets around to it, ok? Instead, please call a helpline or hotline and seek professional mental health.


Ok, got it? Here you go…


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