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I write Helleneste kai Grammateus for fun (and for free). I’m a graduate student and freelancer, which means I’m perpetually looking for ways to pay next month’s rent and student loans, not to mention support my coffee habit.

If you like what you read here and find it helpful, please consider making a (non-tax deductible) gift through PayPal (or click the empty coffee cup below).


Or you can click the picture of this empty cup of coffee set beside a journal and imagine yourself finding me in a coffee shop and saying, “That article a really interesting and helpful! But it looks like you’re out of coffee; here, have one on me…”

I’m also available for small writing projects – newsletters, personal ads, resumes and cover letters, Strongly Worded Letters, proposals, corporate brochures and various web content – for a fee. Email me at to talk about what you need. And I’m a freelance artist, so if you like my work at Studio Bond, then contact me at for paintings and illustrations.

Please continue to submit questions for answering on the blog via my Ask A Question page. Thank you for reading!


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